Escort Bike security device

Fueling your security chain

Escort two wheeler security device alerts bike owners over an SMS/Call whenever there is any threat to the vehicle. A core advantage of our two wheeler security system is its inbuilt battery which operates even when the bike’s battery is disconnected.

Our two wheeler security system takes a complete control of vehicle’s start/stop operations, under owner’s instructions. One can even use the GPS tracker to locate the bike anytime & anywhere. The Escort bike security device is compact in size and can easily be installed in any kinds of bike.


  • Ignition detection
  • Movement detection
  • SMS on Vehicle alert
  • Location tracking


Escort Two Wheeler security device

Vibration Alert

Acquire instant alert when your vehicle is vibrated or moved unexpectedly

Two Wheeler security in Erode

GPS Alert

Allows the location to be pin pointed accurately and rapidly

Two Wheeler security Device

Ignition Alert

Sends alert in case of any action of burn or any danger

Two Wheeler security system  in coimbatore

Inbuilt Battery

Battery has been inbuilt with the device

Two Wheeler security System

Lock / Unlock

Bike can be locked and unlocked via mobile SMS

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