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Welcome to Focus Tracking System, we offer the best GPS vehicle tracking system in India. GPS vehicle trackers are designed to offer owner some peace of mind, and our GPS tracking system offers a just that, in the form of live vehicle tracking system. We offer a GPS mobile app tracking system, that allows clients to keep track of their vehicles, pets, kids, and so much more.


As innovative leaders in GPS tracking system in Coimbatore, with more than a decade experience in GPS tracking software we offer clients the best GPS tracker device. Our system is able to locate the device anywhere in the world, and not just in India.


Focus Tracking Systems fleet management system in India, allows business owners to minimize the risks related to vehicle investment, helping in improving productivity, efficiency, and reducing the transportation cost. Our GPS vehicle trackers are designed to meet your vehicle tracking requirements. We offer live vehicle tracking system all around India, so you can check on your business from the ease of your home.


We offer users an exceptional combination of comprehensive knowledge and superior technology. Our aim is to offer our clients a powerful software that is easy to use, but offers incredible service. Our GPS tracking software allows users to keep all GPS tracking data at your fingertips.


Our vehicle tracking device work as a personal GPS tracker as well, these GPS systems can be installed anywhere. We offer GPS tracking devices that are easy to install, these devices are tested and ready to be installed. We are known as the best GPS tracking system in Tamilnadu, as we offer accurate data.


Our Mission at Focus Tracking System is to offer you the best GPS vehicle tracking system in India, and to work side by side with you. We offer our clients customised solutions, so they can use our GPS tracking devices on so much more than their vehicles. With us by your side, you will have lower operating costs, higher productivity, and most importantly an added layer of safety.

Fourwheeler Tracking System
Twowheeler Security Device in Coimbatore

Robo Tracker

Fleet Tracker

Fleet Tracker

Suits for cars, lorries, trucks, buses, earth movers etc.

Personal Tracker

Personal Tracker

Suits for childrens, old age people, sales person.

Asset Tracker

Asset Tracker

Suits for tracking your valuable assets.

Escort Security

Escort Bike Security Device

Bike Security Device

Suits for all kind of two wheelers

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