AI coupled with GPS tracking solution which can think and act itself

Focus Tracking System at a Glance

Our service coupled with our sophisticated and intuitive techniques puts us on the leader board for providing perfect monitoring and security solutions to our customers. FOCUS serves not only as a simple tool to track objects online, but it can also be a lifesaver.

The techniques and tools that are integrated with our services can ensure tracking of almost any object be it vehicles, but also the track Life. Be it tracking of kids or even Pets, our services are very broadly designed to monitor, capture and serve all aspects that need to be considered via personal GPS tracker.

Our vast trendsetter team of experts, Analysts and Solution teams are committed, passionate and willing to be unique and ready to provide tailor-made solutions to match any type of client requirement.

Our Promise

is it true that you can use stars like a map?"

"Yeah, if you understand our glimpse then you can feel our secured celestial track navigation.”

Artificial intelligence is changing the shape of businesses and we truly understand the value of it. And with extra-ordinary features, we make sure to offer in-depth analysis and unparalleled GPS tracking system.

Why Us ?

  • One size fits all solution for the tracking services
  • Increased profits through optimized routes & planning
  • Accurate data analytics in an easily understandable manner, in form of bar/pie charts, graphs etc
  • Alerts can be customized in Fleet trackers based on vehicle performance, fuel check, over speeding, personal or asset tracker etc., depending on your priority
  • Passive GPS Tracker and Real Time GPS tracking devices can provide updates on location at specific intervals of time

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We have right solution for you

Why jumping from application to application for tracking, reports, and analysis? Our solution gives you a single window to perform cohesive data integrity and automated report generation. We extract and bridge disparate systems together in order to maintain the reliable quality.